The Oxford Council on Good Governance is an independent, non-profit think tank. Based on advanced research, we give actionable advice to high level policy makers and to forward looking political entrepreneurs to advance humanity and build a global opensource democracy. more on our history


We take a higher and wider perspective on the human condition and global affairs. Thus seeing more of humans and our world, we form new understandings of the situation we are in. Embracing concepts and facts, institutional orders and human life-forms, the contingent past, complex present, and open future, we set out new insights, values, and imperatives. Against the backdrop of humanity’s fundamental purposes and values, we on this basis articulate new strategies and actions.

Our view is generated by advanced research in history, philosophy, and the social sciences, combined with robust thinking about how we can go forward from here.


From this view of humans and the world, we articulate new strategic concepts for politics and governance, in wide senses of the terms, comprising not just the governmental but also the economic and the social:

/ reducing economic, political, and social inequality
/ abolishing exploitation, repression, and manipulation

/ defending human dignity
/ enabling progressive human cooperation

/ advancing humanity
/ inventing a global opensource democracy

/ refining humanity’s fundamental purposes
/ defending humanity’s fundamental values


Based on these concepts for politics and governance, we pursue the following agenda:

/ strict AI governance
/ a prohibition on any human enhancement that does not equally benefit all humans, without exception, with the latter subject to the strictest governance

/ international law framed, UN coordinated, EU supported, multilateral global governance
/ egalitarian economic governance
/ rule of law framed, democratic, human rights based political governance

/ as free migration as possible that is compatible with our developing forms of life
/ innovative principles of organization for humanity (e.g. networks, opacity, swarms)

/ development of our languages for our enlightenment and empowerment
/ new designs, constructions, and deployments of democratic institutions

/ strengthening of our singular liberties and expansion of our common wealth
/ upholding of life, equality, solidarity, truth, freedom, play, the aesthetic, and the sacred