OCGG Briefing

OCGG Briefing puts forward succinctly the main conclusions of research and analysis.


OCGG Government Briefing

Nilsen, André (2005): The CDU Is the Largest Party - So What?, OCGG Government Briefing, No 5.

De Clerck-Sachsse, Julia (2005): What if they say ‘non’? – Alternative scenarios if the European Constitution is rejected, OCGG Government Briefing, No 4.

Novy, Leonard (2005): Beyond the referendums: Europe in need of a dream to chase, OCGG Government Briefing, No 3.

Nilsen, André (2005): The French are about to shoot themselves in the foot in the referendum on the EU constitution, OCGG Government Briefing, No 2.
     French version

Nilsen, André (2004): A new president for a New Europe, OCGG Government Briefing, No 1.
     Norwegian version


OCGG Security Briefing

Vallier, Aurélien and Magdalena Ji-in Seol (2006): The UN squaring up to North Korea, OCGG Security Briefing, No 7.

Lüddecke, René (2004): It’s about world history, stupid, OCGG Security Briefing, No 6.

Toje, Asle (2004): Getting between Iran and the bomb, OCGG Security Briefing, No 5.

Roughneen, Simon (2004): Unhappy prospects for Afghan security, OCGG Security Briefing, No 4.

Toje, Asle (2004): A historical parallel to the Iraq war, OCGG Security Briefing, No 3.

Toje, Asle (2004): Bedtime for the Neo-Cons: the President and the EU need to talk, OCGG Security Briefing, No 2.

Schreer, Benjamin and Asle Toje (2003): Europe’s success in Iran has a hollow ring, OCGG Security Briefing, No 1.


OCGG Economy Briefing

Nilsen, André (2006): Russian Capitalism, OCGG Economy Briefing, No 2.

Nilsen, André (2006): Outcry Against European 'Protectionism' Is Misguided, OCGG Economy Briefing, No 1.