OCGG Recommendation

OCGG Recommendation states our key recommendations in a concise format.


OCGG Justice Recommendation

Nilsen, André (2008): The US must protect Habeas Corpus, OCGG Law Recommendation, No 3.

Mitchell, Joseph (2007): The UK Assault on Liberty and Democracy, OCGG Law Recommendation, No 2.

Nilsen, André (2006): War on Justice, OCGG Law Recommendation, No 1.


OCGG Government Recommendation

Nilsen, André (2009): Tony Blair unfit for EU PresidencyOCGG Government Recommendation, No 7.

Nilsen, André (2009): Lisbon vs Dublin - How to Win the Referendum, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 6.

Nilsen, André (2008): Member States must enact Lisbon Treaty: Ireland must step out of EU into EFTA, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 5.

Nilsen, André (2005): The Turkish Justice System - A Threat to Europe, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 4.

Nilsen, André (2005): The Constitution Is Alive - Ratification Must Go On, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 3.

Nilsen, André (2004): The EU should not offer Turkey full membership, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 2.

Nilsen, André and Holger Osterrieder (2004): Spain and Poland should support double majority voting in the EU constitution, OCGG Government Recommendation, No 1.


OCGG Security Recommendation

Koops, Joachim and André Nilsen (2008): Norge bør støtte unik FN-brigade, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 7.

Koops, Joachim (2007): UN SHIRBRIG and EU Battlegroups, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 6.

Nilsen, André (2006): Europe-Russia: A Special Partnership, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 5.

Osterrieder, Holger (2005): After the Coup Mauritania needs EU Internationalism, not US War on Terror, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 4.

Nilsen, André (2004): A Wake-Up Call to European Leaders: The Sophistication of US Foreign Policy, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 3.

Rousseau, Jean-Michel (2004): How safe is the American homeland?, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 2.

Roughneen, Simon (2004): Blowback - Russia needs to rethink North Caucasus, OCGG Security Recommendation, No 1.


OCGG Economy Recommendation

Cobham, Alex (2007): The tax consensus has failed!, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 8.

Cobham, Alex (2006): No more excuses: The returns to ethical investment, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 7.

Cobham, Alex (2006): EU tax proposals need clarification, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 6.

Cobham, Alex (2006): Funding a welfare state in Africa, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 5.

Rousseau, Jean-Michel (2005): UK Should Restore Solidarity in EU Budget Talks, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 4.

Nilsen, André (2005): The SPD Opened the Window to "the Locusts" - They Should Now Shut It Again, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 3.

Cobham, Alex (Ed.) (2005): The World Bank Presidency: Europe should oppose Wolfowitz, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 2.

Cobham, Alex (2004): A new omission for Africa?, OCGG Economy Recommendation, No 1.