OCGG Advice

OCGG Advice outlines solutions and strategies in depth.


OCGG Justice Advice

Dalferth, Simon (2006): From 'Fortress Europe' to 'Welcome to Europe', OCGG Law Advice, No 2.

Mollin, Barbara (Ed.) (2004): Guantanamo Bay - out of the legal black hole, OCGG Law Advice, No 1.


OCGG Government Advice

Dimitríjevics, Anna (2005): Implementing the 'In Larger Freedom' Report of the Secretary-General, OCGG Government Advice, No 4.

Dimitríjevics, Anna (2005): Implementing the Report of the High Level Panel, OCGG Government Advice, No 3.

Dimitríjevics, Anna (Ed.) (2004): Strengthening the Legitimacy and Effectiveness of the Security Council, OCGG Government Advice, No 2.

Osterrieder, Holger (Ed.) (2003): EU Constitution, OCGG Government Advice, No 1.


OCGG Security Advice

Rusch, Silke (2005): Peacebuilding, OCGG Security Advice, No 2.

Roughneen, Simon (2004): The Middle East after Arafat: New Prospects for Peace, OCGG Security Advice, No 1.