The Unification of Europe

(Oxford, 1 May 2004) Today is a historical day. 15 old Member States embrace 10 new ones to form a European Union of 25. A Europe that is united in freedom, justice, democracy, welfare, and peace is born.

The OCGG welcomes the new Member States and celebrates the enlargement of the European Union as one of the greatest achievements of good governance in world history.

The unification of Europe is not only a manifestation of the progress that has been made on the Continent of Europe after centuries of war and blodshed. It also strengthens Europe's ability to be a force for good in international affairs. A Europe that promotes a multipolar world order under the auspices of the United Nations and upholds human rights, the rule of law, and peace.

United in Diversity (video by the European Commission).

The New Europe (map by the European Commission)